VIP 2016

What a great weekend of dancing!  There was some amazing talent at VIP this weekend and some beautiful choreography and performances.
Our wonderful small company did a phenomenal job again this weekend – I am so proud of them!  Our true team training shined through when Fast & Furious pulled together down a dancer to re-stage last minute and go out there to give a great performance!  GO ENVISION!!!
Of our 23 entries – we received 25 high score placements, division winners & judge’s choice awards.  We also received 16 adjudicated placements.  Very impressive for a such a small company!
Age Divisions are as follows:
Mini:  6 & under, 7-8, 9
Junior:  10, 11, 12
Teen:  13, 14, 15
Senior:  16, 17, 18-19, 20-24
Scoring is as follows:
Platinum:  285-300
High Gold:  270-284
Gold:  255-269
High Silver:  240-254
They do give special awards, Best of the Best & VIP List Top 10 (top 10 highest scoring routines of the weekend) and high score awards.
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