Professional dance instruction for all ages

Center Stage Dance Academy is passionately committed to inspire a lasting love & appreciation for dance through artistic excellence, exhilarating performances & innovative choreography while providing first rate professional dance training in a safe, encouraging environment so our dancers can thrive and become well-rounded, confident & accomplished with superb work ethic and proper etiquette. 

We strive to provide each dancer with the perfect combination of family values, professionalism, creativity, technique, discipline, inspiration and fun. Whether your interests are to learn the art of dance just for fun, as a matter of a healthy exercise regime, or to be member of one of our competitive companies, we have a class for you.

Center Stage offers a wide variety of classes and skill levels for ages 2 through adult. We also offer recreational through professional level classes. Dancers are encouraged to take ballet as part of their dance curriculum as this is the basis of all styles of dance. Because of this, most of the Level I classes incorporate ballet into the curriculum. Center Stage wants their dancers to have a well rounded base of dance technique to ensure success in their dance career.

Center Stage Dance Academy’s philosophy is to offer top quality instruction from an amazingly talented and experienced staff at a reasonable fee in order to allow each individual to experience the art and love of dance.

Typically, Fall sessions focus on building a dancer’s technique and strength. At the conclusion of the fall session, students are evaluated and placed in the proper technique level for the Winter/Spring session. Winter/Spring is the time when registered dancers begin preparing for their elective participation in the annual summer dance recital.

Joffrey Ballet School’s Outreach and Collaboration Program

Center Stage is part of a select group of schools that have been chosen for the Joffrey Ballet School’s outreach and collaboration program. This will allow us to have Master Joffrey Ballet School Instructors teach master classes and/or private lessons and build a relationship with Joffrey and possibly be considered for the audition tour program. This invitation is limited to only a few studios per state!


Studio built with each dancer in mind

Center Stage Dance Academy has been offering dance classes in various locations within the Huntley/Lake in the Hills area since 2000.

Our facility offers four dance studios with state-of-the-art wood sprung dance flooring. The wood spring sub floor covering provides a safe dance environment built to reduce the amount of stress on the dancer’s body and joints. Each of the four studios is also equipped with mirrors, ballet bars and sound system. Window viewing and TV viewing is available for three studios. Visibility is vital to gain a better understanding of what your dancer is learning throughout class and throughout the entire session.

Our teaching staff is expertly trained in proper dance warm-up techniques and body strengthening in order to take every measure to prevent injury and promote long and successful dance careers.
Studio Floor Info

Why we have sprung dance floors? The sprung dance floor system absorbs the shock and impact of regular dance movement. This benefits our students and teachers by reducing fatigue while preventing injury which typically results from dancing on hard, unforgiving surfaces such as concrete, tile, hardwood and brick.
A sprung floor is a floor that absorbs shock giving it a softer feel. Such floors are considered the best available for dance and indoor sports and physical education. They enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries. Modern sprung floors are supported by foam backing or rubber feet, while the traditional floors are cushioned mechanically.

“We absolutely love being a part of Center Stage. We came from a different studio where my daughter had a pretty bad experience. Walking into Center Stage, she was pretty nervous, but was immediately put at ease. This studio has had such a positive impact on her. She has grown so much as a dancer, but also as a person. The teachers are absolutely incredible and work with each student to help them flourish. My daughter has learned the importance of hard work, integrity, team work and being positive. She has made friends that have become family. She has a place where she is supported and loved. She knows that her teachers and teammates believe in her and that has helped her to believe in herself.

Center Stage is an extraordinary dance studio that we are truly blessed to be a part of. ”

Tina T.
“Our experience at Center Stage Dance Academy and with Envision Dance Company has been amazing. Having experienced another studio prior to coming here, we originally signed our son up at Center Stage seeking a supportive environment and to advance his skills as a dancer. We never imagined the positive impact it would have on him and our family. As parents, we feel that the communication here is fabulous. Information about upcoming events is immediately shared and passed on. We know what to expect and what is expected. We are also impressed with the level of professionalism and competence that the director, teachers and support staff share within Center Stage. The staff here truly want to advance each student’s dancing ability, but they also inspire and teach them life skills and moral competence necessary to be successful in anything they do.”
Lori C.
” My daughter has had an incredible experience with Center Stage and Envision Dance Company. She started with them in 2013. She came from another studio and was very behind compared to the dancers of the same age at this studio. Miss Debbie and the other instructors welcomed her with open arms, working very hard to catch her up to speed with the other dancers. Karly thrived, working hard to catch up, taking extra classes and enjoying every second. This has become her second home. This is her happy place. These girls have become her family. The instructors have become people she looks up to, loves, and respects. I love what this studio has done for Karly. She has learned incredible dancing, time management, responsibility, respect, and so much more. I have made new friends for a lifetime and so has Karly. I am very thankful to have found a dance place to call our 2nd home:).”
Shellie I.
I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words about Janelle during the banquet. She was so proud and happy with herself. And I just wanted to say thank you overall for this wonderful opportunity. E2 has been an amazing experience. Janelle has grown as a dancer by leaps and bounds since coming to Center Stage but even more so in the last year since she joined E2. She absolutely LOVES to dance. She even came home after the long days at the intensive and kept dancing! She dances when she’s happy, she dances when she’s sad, when she eats, and sometimes in her sleep. I’ve always felt that she was born to dance and with you and your staff she can reach her full potential. I just can’t say enough about your studio. It’s so professional yet friendly and a great place to be. The rest of my children will be in and out for the occasional recreational classes but Janelle will be a permanent resident. Sorry for writing a novel but you deserve all the recognition! Great experience all around and I have nothing but good things to say:)
“We have been a part of CSDA since 2014. We’ve been to other dance studios before CSDA but none have offered such a family-orientated atmosphere. We have been increasingly impressed by the professional staff and fantastic instruction! The end of the year recitals and company showcase are outstanding. From the recital themes to the music and the dances/choreography and costumes – they put on a GREAT show!

My daughter has been a member of Envision for 3 years and dance is her passion. Envision has instilled her with valuable qualities such determination, responsibility, discipline and hard work! She LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her instructors. Debbie and all of the team instructors inspire our kids to learn and grow as confident dancers while having fun doing it! The growth I have seen in my daughter not only as a dancer but a person has been tremendous! Even my 6 year old son dances at CSDA in Alvin’s hip hop class and loves every minute of it!!!

We could not ask for a better studio and we highly recommend CSDA to anyone who is looking for their child to learn all forms of dance in a positive and safe environment!”

Rachel G.
“Our experience with the E2 dance team this past year has been wonderful! Hayley truly loves coming to her dance classes each week and she has made special bonds with her team mates. We have seen her grow so much over the past year not only in her dance ability but in her LOVE for dance. Can’t wait for the next season to start!

Thanks for all you do for the girls!”

Jen J.
“I can’t  thank you enough for what you, Maggie, and Kelli have done for our daughter. On days she has dance, she wants to leave 45 minutes early to make sure she is on time. We live 1 minute away.  She can’t wait to dance and stays longer in the team room, dancing with her friends.

My husband has noticed that Addison finally has a passion for something. All she talks about is dance, and buying dance stuff. She loves dance and wants to do what the “Big Girls” do when she gets older. She is so excited to watch the dances and check out all the costumes.  And then proceeded to tell me how many classes she thinks she should be in next year.”

Julie S.
Thank you Debbie, your staff and the instructors you have hired throughout the years who have made me a VERY proud parent and for helping me mold two daughters into beautiful young ladies.
Christine L.