I just want to thank all of you for another wonderful weekend of competition. Thank you for having your dancers ready to go on time! You all did an amazing job with our quick changes and the Starbound staff was great with moving our dances around to accommodate our dancers. I thought this competition had some amazing talent and I just loved how the audience showed appreciation for other studio’s works. It is so refreshing to be in that type of environment.

I want to congratulate our soloists that are invited to be in the opening number at the Starbound National’s Showcase: Jordan B., Emily K., Megan N. and Victoria V.

I listened to the judges critiques and looked at the written score sheets and we were given some great feedback. Some of the critiques didn’t transfer onto my flash drive so I have contacted Starbound to see if we can get another copy – so all dances may not get their critiques this week. I wanted to share some of the comments that made me proud and thought was important for you to hear to reaffirm your decision to be part of our fabulous dance company.

First off – I want to congratulate our rec team of Hands Up and Shake Shake. I was called up to meet with the director and was told they scored so high on the rec scale that we really needed to move them to the competitive level – Yeah rec team. Had I left them – they would have won the rec division but I didn’t feel that was the way to go. So, for Nationals they will be entered as competitive and they will be judged on the competitive scale. With this being said, for next season, the majority of them will be competitive. Whoo hoo!

Next – I want to talk about Earth song. They scored 99, 99, 99.5 – wow. The comments from one judge for technique said: “Technique Plus – Pro Like”. “Great Lyrical – Thank You” “Perfect music choice”, “Great Partnering & Strength” and for Difficulty, choreography, timing & music: “Awesome – What Can I Say!” WOW!!! Amazing – so proud.

For Winter: “Very well trained dancers – excellent technique”, “Great choreography – very well thought out down to the details in costume with pearl necklaces” “Dancers work so well together – very well executed”. Again – wow.

I Don’t Feel It Anymore: “Great Quality of Movement” “Great execution of difficult and cool concept” “Beautiful Piece” “Good control and partner work”.

Then my favorite: For That Man: “Reminds me of Fosse” “Thank you for Real Jazz” “Love It” “Great Look and Music”, “Dancers work so well together – nice control, great technique” Double WOW!! Especially if you know my background to say reminds him of Fosse – best compliment ever – Fosse is one of my idols!! Made me cry:)

What a great testament to our amazing staff and our talented and dedicated dancers and parents! It’s all about TEAM WORK!!


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