Congratulations Cara!

Dancing since 2007
CSDA Student since 2008
Skills: Ballet, Tech, I have been dancing for 10 years. (this will be my 10th year)An extra is that I have had my aerial for about 2 years now and just got my front aerial about 2 weeks ago.
Special Interests: Violin/Viola
Favorite Choreographer: Miss. Amanda
Favorite Dance Genre: Ballet
Favorite Movie: Christmas Detour
Favorite Musician/Band: Alessia Cara because she always has great messages in her songs about continuing a hobby even though some people might think that you should do something for a change. (In my case, I am going to keep dancing for as long as I can)
Favorite TV Show: Backstage
Why Did you Start Dancing? Because mom decided to sign me up for dancing at the park district when I was three. However, not her expecting, I loved it so much that I have danced at Center Stage for ten years now! I don’t think I will stop dancing for a while because Center Stage has kept me going.
Who Inspires You & Why? Miss Amanda inspires me because of how graceful she is when she dances. Even though I have just known here for less then a year, I understand her way of teaching. Miss Amanda also inspires me to do better because she is always pushing me to do more.
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Virginia because my cousins live there.
THANK YOU! Parents, for letting me continue to dance here at Center Stage. Brothers, for being patient with me even when they have other sports to do. Mrs. Debbie and Miss. Aimee, for teaching me since day 1.