Congratulations Dani!


Dancing since 2010CSDA student since 2010

Envision member since 2011

Skills:  Ballet, Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop
Awards: Cathy Roe fashion show invitation 2013
Special Interests: Helping other become open, positive individuals who believe in themselves, and spending time with my family and dance family 🙂
Favorite Choreographer: Alvin Ramirez, Tyler Nowotnik, Amanda Anderson, Debbie Nowotnik, Josh Killack, Matt Pumnes, David Moore, Sarah Coral, and Kate Jablonski
Favorite Dance Genre: Hip hop and contemporary
Favorite Movie: The Notebook and the Elf
Favorite Musician/Band: Florence and The Machine, Britney Spears, and pretty much anything!!
Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob Squarepants!!
Why Did you Start Dancing? I started dancing because I saw and article in the District 158 newspaper about a hip hop class with Alvin at Center Stage and decided to take it. After the first class I fell in love with it and wanted to continue dance and become better.  I saw some team dances at the recital and really wanted to be part of the team.  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  I’ve become inspired by so many people and I thank God for leading me step by step in Envision!!
Favorite Convention You’ve Attended and Why? My favorite dance convention was LADM and Hall of Fame because they weren’t too hard or too easy.  I enjoyed the experience with everyone and the different kinds of dancing from different choreographers.
Who Inspires You & Why? There are so many people who inspire me from team members and instructors, to people form long ago like Martha Graham.  BUT Alvin and my dance team inspire me to become a better person and dancer.  Tyler helps me with artistry and everyone shows me many examples of positive attitude and work hard.   It makes me want to do the same.  Also every instructor and teammates have their personal style and are unlike anyone else 🙂
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? A dancer and choreographer/therapist or psychiatrist
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Florida and California
THANK YOU! I would like to thank my parents and family for being understanding and supportive.  My dance instructors for having the kindness and patience to shape me into a better dancer. My dance team for being supportive and loving friends I can always be myself around.  My best friend for always being there for me and for helping me be my best.And of course God.