Congratulations Claire!


Dancing since 2013
CSDA Student since 2013
Skills: Claire has taken combo classes some 2_1/2. She enjoys all types of dance ut loves when she is able to ‘freestyle’ and add emotion into her moves.
Special Interests: Claire plays soccer and enjoys swimming. She loves going to kindergarten. Her favorite subject is math.
Favorite Choreographer: Miss Nicole and Ms Lorie
Favorite Dance Genre: Tumbling and Hip Hop
Favorite Movie: Moana and Trolls
Favorite TV Show: KC Undercover
Why Did you Start Dancing? Because I thought I would like it, and I feel the rhythm
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Police office and dancer instructor
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Disney- but I haven’t gone there yet.
THANK YOU! My mom because she signed me up and danced with me.