Congratulations Jemma!


Dancing since 2014

CSDA student since 2014

Skills: Ballet and Tap
Special Interests: Reading, playing games (duck, duck, goose), running
Favorite Dance Genre: Ballet
Favorite Movie: Frozen
Favorite Song: Let It Go
Favorite TV Show: Doc McStuffins
Why Did you Start Dancing? Mom and I signed up for Mommy and Me class to spend time together when my baby sister was born.
Who Inspires You & Why? Harper and Mira because they are my friends.
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? “I just want to be me.”
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Key Lime Cove
THANK YOU! Mommy and Lydia for coming to dance with me. Thank you to Daddy for loving me. Miss Aimee for teaching me.