What a great way to start our 2018 competition season! I am so very proud of all our dancers. Thank you to those that came out to support our dancers – it really means a lot to the dancers to have their Envision/E2 family support them. Attached are the results.

This competition was a testament as to how well our training works for our dancers. Despite all the illnesses and injuries, our dancers were able to pull it all together and give amazing performances all day! We work with our dancers on improvisation skills throughout the season. That experience helps build their skill set and build their self-confidence. We had two dancers participate in the junior improv contest, Aubry & Holly, and they did an amazing job! I was so proud they were able to put themselves out there and go for it. We had four dancers participate in the teen/senior improv contest, Jordan B, Megan, Jordyn T, Jessica, and they each won their group to move onto the final round. There were four in the final round so it was an Envision showdown (how cool is that). Jordan B. was the final round winner.

Congratulations to Mr. Alvin for receiving the ONLY choreography award of the entire competition! I Go On, Spell on You and Will Smith were all Industry Dance Award nominees for the 2018 season!! Way to go Envision for a clean sweep on Industry Award nominations. Miss Amanda Hickey’s junior collective piece won the People’s Choice Award. I Go On won the Encore Award for the most entertaining piece of the competition.

We are so fortunate to have such an amazingly talented staff that provides such great choreography for our dancers.

It’s going to be a great 2018 competition season!


Competition Results


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