Congratulations Ashley!


Dancing since 2009

CSDA student since 2009

Skills: 5 years of ballet and tap, 3 years of jazz and gymnastics and 1 year of hip hop
Special Interests:  Flag football and reading
Favorite Choreographer:  Whitney on Dancing with the Stars
Favorite Dance Genre:  Jazz
Favorite Movie:  Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters
Favorite Musician/Band:  I just like all music!
Favorite TV Show:  Lab Rats
Why Did you Start Dancing?  My mom signed me up and I have liked dancing ever since!
Who Inspires You & Why?  All dancers because they have unique skills.
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?  Vet
Where is your favorite place to vacation?  Wisconsin
THANK YOU!  Thank you parents for signing me up for dance!