Congratulations Gillian!


Dancing since 2005CSDA student since 2013

Envision member since 2013

Skills: Ballet & Jazz – 8 yearsTap – 3 yearsTumbling – 3 yearsHip Hop and Competitive Cheerleading – 3 yearsMusical Theatre – 2 yearsContemporary & Lyrical – first year
Awards: 2nd in the nation on the All Star Rebels Competitive Cheerleading 2011-20124th in the nation on the All Star Rebels Competitive Cheerleading 2012-2013
Special Interests: Tumbling, swimming, softball, horseback riding, and camping
Favorite Choreographer: Laurieann Gibson
Favorite Dance Genre: Jazz & Hip Hop
Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia
Favorite Musician/Band: Taylor Swift
Favorite TV Show: Dancing with the Stars
Why Did you Start Dancing? I have always loved dancing and performing in front of people. I was 2 years old when I started dancing and I will never stop. I love it!
Favorite Convention You’ve Attended and Why? I loved Celebration convention. I learned a lot from amazing instructors.
Who Inspires You & Why? My mom inspires me so much. She has taught me to always go after my dreams, never give up, or stop believing. She has achieved so much in her life. I know with her support, I can conquer the world.
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Professional Dancer
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Costa Rica
THANK YOU! I would like to thank my mom and dad. They have helped me to achieve so many opportunities. Traveling the world with them and experiencing great adventures I will never forget. I also am getting to live my dream of dance. I love you so much!