Leap National Dance Competition

What a great weekend of competition! I am so proud of all our dancers. Every performance was so well executed this weekend, I couldn’t have asked for more! I thoroughly enjoyed watching our dancers shine this weekend.

My favorite part of this competition was the fact that the two biggest studios in attendance were also at our first competition in February – LADM. The outcome at Leap was completely different from that at LADM which just shows the tremendous growth in our dancers over the course of this competition season. One of the studios had twice as many entries as us and the other had three times the amount of entries which makes it so amazing that ALL of our group dances placed in the top ten with four pieces getting first place overall! That is truly amazing!!! Our soloists and duet teams also did an outstanding job! There was so much talent on that stage this weekend! GO ENVISION!!

Thank you once again for supporting your dancers and our company to be the best they can be! It is truly a group effort from our fantastic parents to our amazingly talented choreographers & instructors to our dedicated, exceptional dancers! It’s the sum of all these parts that makes our company so successful!!

Click to view the results from our last regional competition for the season (hard to believe it is over already!).

I am looking forward to our recital and seeing all growth in our dancers’ technique classes!

Thank you.


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