April 19-21, 2013 
St. Charles, IL

leagueofchampionsWhat an amazing weekend for Envision!  I’m so proud of all our dancers and the performances they gave.

I received great feedback from other studio owners and teachers about our dances. The owner of On Your Toes told me they completely enjoyed our body of work and our unique choreography.  Two teachers from Xplosion told me how impressed they are with how far our dancers have come in such a short period of time.  They said whatever we are doing – we are doing it right.  That feedback made me feel so good.

One of the judges wrote on our last score sheet of the weekend that she enjoyed watching all our dances over the weekend and loved our unique choreography.  Almost every dance had great comments about our choreography on them.

Out of our 26 entries, 17 of those made top placements, top in category and or special judges awards.  That is 65% of our dances which is an impressive record.  GO ENVISION!!!

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