What a fantastic weekend of dancing!  The talent we saw this weekend was AMAZING.  This is one competition I truly enjoy watching all the pieces because every dance was good!  The competition was fierce!

I thought our kids did an amazing job in class and on stage.  We were once again complimented on the fact that our dancers are so truly well-rounded and well educated.  Thank you for having your dancers prepared and on time!  That makes our jobs so much easier.  Thank you to Nicole and Kelly for helping out during competition as that saved me a lot of running back and forth on my knee.

I also took some fantastic teacher classes this weekend for my continued education.  Tyler also attended some of the teacher classes as well as some of the convention classes.  It is important as educators that we stay up on the latest dance trends and information on our industry.  We are constantly learning because dance is constantly evolving and changing.  That’s what makes the world of dance so interesting and exciting.

Because of the continued growth that is seen in our dancers and because we show consistency in our technical training from year to year, I was awarded the Five Diamond Studio Award this year!  I share this award with my amazing staff of instructors because it is truly a group effort in educating your dancers.  They say it takes a village and that is so accurate.  Each of us give something different to your dancers and its that combination of efforts that gives us such great results.  Envision was one of five companies that received this award.  I am so very proud!
I was awarded a teacher scholarship to attend a Teacher Summit in Massachusetts.  I am vey excited to get to attend this week long event that will allow me to work with choreographers from all over the world.  I cannot wait to share with your dancers what I get to learn at this amazing event.

Attached are the results from competition.  I am so proud of our dancers and the performances they gave this weekend.  Every competition is a learning experience that allows us to continue to grow as dancers and performers.

LADM 2017 Results

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