Congratulations Caitlyn!


Dancing since 2011CSDA student since 2011

Envision member since 2012

Skills: Ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and lyrical
Special Interests: Cosmetics and writing
Favorite Choreographer: Alvin Ramirez
Favorite Dance Genre: Hip hop and contemporary
Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect
Favorite Musician/Band: Bruno Mars
Favorite TV Show: Modern Family
Why Did you Start Dancing? I started dancing because I was having a hard time finding something that I really loved to do.  I remembered dancing when I was younger and thought I should start again.
Who Inspires You & Why? All my instructors at CSDA because they encourage me improve as a dancer.
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Dance teacher or school teacher
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Costa Rica
THANK YOU! I would like to thank my Mom, Miss Aimee, and Miss Jessica for helping me get started with dance.