March 8-10, 2013 
Oswego, IL

cathyroeWOW!!!   What an Amazing weekend for Envision!!  I am so proud of all our dancers for a job well done.  I am also proud of the way our dancers stepped up to the quick
changes made due to Sydney’s injury.

There were 358 entries this weekend and of those entries 16 of our 30 entries were high score placements – over 50% which is AMAZING!!  GO ENVISION!!

Once again, we were complimented on our variety of pieces and amazing choreography across the board.  Among Cathy’s favorites were:  Hourglass, July, Where Do the Children Play, Rascals and Good Girl/Bad Girl.

We received so many compliments once again from other studios on our performances.  There was a family sitting behind us during final awards Sunday and after wards the
dad told us we were their favorite studio to watch the entire weekend.  That is a great compliment.

One of the teachers from the Edge came up to me and said she couldn’t believe how much our dancers have improved and grown since she saw us last about 3 years ago.  They loved our work.

Hourglass made the backstage manager cry.  When we get these types of reactions from other people outside our studio – it means the world to me.  It means more than the judges scores ever could!

Click here to see the results from the weekend!