7 Qualities of a Good Dance Studio

  1. Professional Setting. A professional dance studio will focus on one thing: your child’s continued progress in dance. Many dance studios are commercial in nature, focusing more on fun and recreation. If you want your child to learn proper technique and receive quality instruction, choose a professional studio with serious instructors.
  2. Qualified Teachers. Just as all dance studios are not alike, neither are all the dance instructors. The dance instructor is crucial to your child’s future success as a dancer. Bad habits learned at a young age are extremely hard to break. Make a point to check your instructor’s qualifications and that they are readily available.
  3. Cushioned Dance Floor. Certain styles of dance can put stress on young bones and joints, especially ballet, with its many leaps and jumps. Look for a professional floor that can absorb the shock of jumping.
  4. Limited Class Sizes. Ensure there is a limit to how many dancers are allowed in each class offering so your dancer gets quality instruction time and individual attention.
  5. Pleasing Environment. The overall environment of a dance studio is the key to your child’s success. The dance studio, as well as the staff, should be warm, comforting and inviting. The studio should be clean and well-maintained. The dance room should be spacious, with mirrors covering one entire wall. You should have free access to a water fountain and restrooms.
  6. Realistic Expectations. A quality dance studio will not offer serious ballet training under the age of seven. Experienced dance instructors know that before the age of seven, the body is not ready for the demands of ballet. Also, a quality dance teacher will have very strict guidelines as to when your child will be able to start dancing in pointe shoes. Dancing on our toes requires tremendous strength and ability in order to prevent injuries to the feet and ankles.
  7. Reasonable Tuition and Fees. You should have access to the fee structure and the cost of costumes and recital fees. Inquire about the cost of recital tickets and other fees associated with the annual dance recital