What an amazing weekend of competition! I am so very proud of our dancers!

I had the opportunity to speak with the judges after the competition last night and they were so complimentary of our dancers and our choreography. It was so nice for me to hear them say how well trained my dancers are and how they are the epitome of “well-rounded dancers” which has always been my goal since day one! Both Danny and Joe said they would hire my dancers which to me is the best compliment in the world! Joe, Danny, and Adam all said that our dancers have technique, performance quality and an understanding of how to use their body correctly and understand where movement is supposed to come from which is huge. They were also so impressed to see that my dancers know the difference between contemporary and modern dance.

The judges said that not only are my dancers talented but they are respectful, kind and fun to interact with which is such a wonderful compliment that means the world to me. They said they can tell that our dancers truly love performing and being on stage and that is was a pleasure to watch them all weekend. So needless to say, I was a very proud Director last night. It reminds me of how blessed I am to have the amazing staff that I have and that my program is doing what I set out for it to do! I am so blessed to have the talented dancers that I have and I just love watching them grow and thrive.

So, thank you once again for supporting your dancers to do what they love!

Below are the results from the weekend! We received the Highest score ever in the history of Envision Dance Company with Spell on You receiving a 299.4. WOW!!! So exciting! GO ENVISION!!!!

Competition Results

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