The Envision Dance Company will perform in Paris, New York and Florida in the upcoming years at different Disney locations.

By Jenny Modlisz, Huntley Patch

The Envision Dance Company of Huntley has made it big, as they will be performing in Florida, New York City and Paris all within the next few years.

Envision Dance company is Center Stage Dance Academy’s competitive performance team, and has only been around for five years. The group is comprised of males and females, ages five to 18.

The company’s national success sprouted from their performance last year in Florida. The group performed a 30-minute dance routine at Disney World, and participated in workshops with a choreographer from Disney.

“They were so happy with us, so they invited us back this November to dance again,” Studio Owner Debbie Nowotnik said.

With that, the company decided to take the stellar opportunity, and will return to Orlando, Fla. to perform a dance that will be recorded by ABC. It will premiere on TV Christmas morning, December 25.

“I am excited that we were selected to do these things,” Nowotnik said. “It is great for the kids to travel and dance in all of these different places.”

Next summer, the Envision Dance Company will be in New York City, performing with Disney on Broadway. The group will also have the opportunity to take classes while in the city.

“Disney is big on work ethic and performance quality, and our kids bring that to the table,” Nowotnik said. “Once you get your foot in the door, then they invite you to do these other programs. Little did I know that the audition last year would open all of these doors for the future.”

In August 2014, the group will be in Paris, performing at the Magic Kingdom. The group will also have one other performance either in London or Paris.

With so many important performances for the Envision Dance Company in the future, Nowotnik said that often the dancers biggest critics are themselves.

“No one is ever perfect,” she said. “I want them to remember that.”

Nowotnik said that she always stresses to her dancers to enjoy the moment.

“Disney is so big on performance,” Nowotnik said. “So let it show on your face that you’re having fun, and go out there and leave everything on the dance floor.”